Why You Should Work With a Certified Arborist in Atlanta GA

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The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) defines Certified Arborists as individuals who, through experience, have gained knowledge on the art and science of tree care.

They also have successfully passed a comprehensive examination authored by none other than some of the country’s leading tree care experts.

Getting professional tree care services in Atlanta, GA is a wise investment. Trees that are properly cared for add beauty to your landscape and ultimately, value to your property.

Poorly maintained trees can be a hazard not only to your property but also within your community. More so, is a tree work done wrong.

Apart from the potential damages to the tree itself, this can also put worker safety at risk. Even if it’s tempting to hire someone willing to do tree work for you at an unbelievably low cost, don’t fall for it.

Tree work should only be performed by trained individuals, such as Certified Arborists.

Tree Services that Certified Arborists Can Provide

    • Trimming
    • Pruning
    • Removal
    • Disaster Relief or Storm Damage
    • Tree Preservation
    • Tree Installation
  • Emergency Tree Care Services

Hiring an ISA Certified Arborist in Atlanta GA

    • Look into their credentials. Verify membership of the Certified Arborist in authority organizations such as the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Getting a certification demonstrates an individual’s passion for the industry and the desire to grow in it. You can be confident that the person working in your home truly cares not only about your trees, but your best interests as well.
    • Ask about their insurance. A Certified Arborist will make sure to carry with them their proof of insurance. This includes general liability and worker’s compensation insurance among others.
    • Check licenses and permits. Apart from verifying membership of the Certified Arborist, it’s also crucial to be sure that the tree service provider has a verifiable business license. For residential and commercial property owners in Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Norcross, Tucker, and Gwinnett County, check with the State of Georgia if the tree care company is duly registered.
    • Request references. A tree service provider in Atlanta GA that is proud of the work they do won’t hesitate to share references with you. Ask for the latest ones and if possible, get in touch with their clients. You may be able to visit the site where the company has done tree work and assess its results.
    • Request custom quote. Some professional tree service providers offer a free quote to property owners. Be sure to gather more than one estimate for the tree work that you’re looking into. This may take some time, but this part will also be beneficial for you. If anything, you’ll be able to evaluate customer service the company provides.
    • Don’t fall for the lowest price. The price may be attractive but your focus should be on quality tree work. You need to protect your investment so you want to make sure that only licensed and equipped tree service professionals will be working for you.
  • Study your contract. Put everything in writing before starting the tree work. Go over the specific details and if there’s anything you find confusing or unclear, discuss it with your tree work provider. Project details, such as the turnaround time and payment terms, should be included in the contract.

Protect Your Trees, Always Stay Informed

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