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Trees are a great source of joy. They make the environment relaxing and more beautiful. If you have trees in your yard that have been there since the beginning, it’s hard not to feel attached to them. They become part of the memories you create at home with your loved ones.

However, like any living thing, trees also have an end to their lifespan. They get sick or damaged. When they do, they might present problems or inconveniences. And though it’s hard to see them removed, sometimes, it’s the best option.

If you need tree services in Dunwoody GA, North Star Tree Service is here to help you. We’ll use a gentle approach to ensure your safety and of your property. Our team at NSTS specializes in tree care services.  We perform all types of tree jobs at affordable prices.

Certified Tree Care Experts in Dunwoody GA

Trees require special handling. Trimming, for instance, may seem simple but truth is, there are various types of trimming techniques. Removal, on the other hand, requires the use of heavy-duty equipment.

Tree care jobs are best handled by trained professionals. They are complete with knowledge and industry experience to carry out every tree job possible. You can rest easy knowing that every procedure will be executed properly.

In the long run, you not only save money, you also ensure that your trees are provided with the attention they need. At North Star Tree Service, we have Certified Arborists that can look into your tree concerns and recommend viable solutions.

All our team members are trained, accommodating, and courteous. We’ll make sure your needs are addressed. We can also work with your contractor or assist you with your insurance claims.

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Why North Star Tree Service?

  • Safety guaranteed. In every tree service we perform, we observe safety precautions. Everyone on the team is equipped with the right gears. Most important, problem trees are approached so that they will no longer cause further damages or inconveniences.
  • Enhancing property value. Keep your trees an asset. When properly maintained and cared for, trees can help enhance the value of your property. We deliver maintenance services for all types of trees in Dunwoody GA, year round.
  • Highly-competitive rates. Find out how much your tree project will cost. We provide fair and highly-competitive rates. No surprise or hidden charges. Get started today with a free quote.
  • Prompt action. Some trees will require immediate action either to save or prevent them from causing accidents or damages. Our expert team can perform these jobs for you as quickly as possible while ensuring industry standards and local regulations are met.
  • Insurance claim assistance. You can consult our estimators who are also insurance claim specialists if you have questions about your claims. We can help you submit or initiate claims.
  • Saving trees. If you want to save your trees or lengthen their lifespan, our Certified Arborists can help you. We’ll look into the most appropriate intervention solution and perform it with utmost care.
  • Tree maintenance. Any time of the year, we can conduct visits to your property to evaluate the health of your trees. Whatever maintenance job they need, we’ll take care of it. We’ll help you keep your trees healthy so your next generations can as well enjoy their presence.
  • Land clearing of building projects. Our team uses the latest technology in carrying out both small and large-scale projects. If you have an upcoming building project and you're concerned about your trees, talk to us and we can help sort things out.

Our Services

Disaster Relief

When storms or other natural calamities plow through your area, trees are among those often badly hit. We provide tree-related disaster relief services to help you get back to your normal activities.

Yard Clean Up

If you need help cleaning up tree debris from your yard, call us and we’ll get the job done. Relax and dedicate your free time to other important activities and leave this one to us.

Tree Installation and Establishment

Be sure you’re choosing the right trees for your needs and property. Trees differ in maintenance requirements and characteristics. We can help you select the best ones for you and also assist you in caring for them the right way.

Tree Removal

Removing trees is not done in an instant. Your tree will first have to be assessed to determine if removal is the best solution. Our Certified Arborist will be there to share educated insights.

Lot Clearing

To execute building projects, trees may have to be removed. We’ll work with your contractor in reviewing site plans and preparing necessary reports. We can also assist you as you work on permits necessary for the job.

Free Mulch

If you’re located within our service areas, we might be able to deliver free mulch to you. Contact us to inquire.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is crucial in keeping your trees healthy and looking good. We’ll see about the best approach to use, which can vary depending on the type of tree that you have.

Tree Preservation

Preserve trees so you can enjoy their company longer. North Star Tee Services has Certified Arborists on board that will check your trees and recommend ways to keep them healthy and safe from illnesses.

Ancillary Services

Our team also delivers landscaping jobs to complement our tree care services. If your need hardscapes or driveways installed, let us know and we’ll help you get the job completed.

Reliable and Affordable Tree Services in Dunwoody GA

  • Is tree removal the best option?
  • How much is a full tree removal service?
  • Can our trees still recover following an infestation?

If you have similar questions, get in touch with our team at North Star Tree Service. If you need further assistance, we can also schedule site visits and examine your trees.

When it comes to tree care, residential or commercial, our professional team is always ready to help.

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Care for your trees the right way. Be sure you’re getting services from a reliable tree care company in Dunwoody GA.

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