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To some, trees are more than typical living organisms. They become a part of your family, well-loved and adored. They probably have been in your yard even before the kids were born. Or have always made your stays outdoors more comfortable and refreshing.

Trees can bring a whole new level of beauty and happiness to your property. However, there are instances when they turn into a hazard or nuisance. It can be due to a storm or their failing health.  Whatever the cause is, North Star Tree Service can help you deal with them.

North Star Tree Service, LLC, (NSTS) is a locally-based company specializing in tree care services. Residents of Duluth GA and the rest of Metro Atlanta area can count on us to deliver all types and sizes of tree service projects, year-round, at highly competitive prices.

Certified Tree Care Experts in Duluth GA

Trees can be dangerous to work with. Although some tree care jobs seem manageable, it’s still best to leave them to trained professionals. Handling of equipment requires expertise. By hiring a tree service provider, you ensure the safety of your loved ones.

At NSTS, we have ISA Certified Arborists that can check your trees and recommend the best course of action to take. Whether the trees are in a residential or commercial property, we’re ready to deliver tree services that you need.

We will work with you in planning and executing your tree project. We can also assist you in submitting your insurance claims and working with your provider when necessary.

If it’s about trees, let our expert team at North Star Tree Service help you. Call us today at (678) 562-1068 and get a free estimate for your tree job.

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North Star Tree Service (NSTS) specializes in providing tree care services. We have Certified Arborists to evaluate your trees and share expert advice on how to care for them, better.

As long as it’s about trees, there’s nothing we can’t handle for you. If you are from Suwanee GA and have tree concerns, contact us at (678) 562-1068. We’re more than happy to help.

Why North Star Tree Service?

  • Safety guaranteed. We use the best industry practices to ensure problem trees will not pose a threat to your family’s safety. We not only look after your trees, we also care for your family and property.
  • Enhancing property value. By keeping your trees in good shape, you also make your place look better and feel more welcoming. And when your property looks manicured year-round, this can help boost its appraisal value.
  • Highly-competitive rates. Call us for a free estimate on your tree project. We provide highly-competitive rates. Chances are, our tree removal cost is more affordable than the others you found.
  • Prompt action. Trees that have fallen down or are severely damaged can cause accidents or further damages to your property. They have to be removed safely and as quickly as possible. Our professional team members can get this done for you.
  • Insurance claim assistance. If you need help initiating and submitting your insurance claims, NSTS can also work with you. We have insurance claim specialists on board that are always ready to assist you with insurance claims related to tree failure.
  • Saving trees. Trees with failing health may still be saved. We can look into them and see the best method to extend their lifespan. Our team can perform intervention solutions.
  • Tree maintenance. Your trees will be given the right care so they’ll live a long life and continue to bring you joy. You won’t have to spend your days off of work on tree care jobs as we can handle all those for you.
  • Land clearing of building projects. Trees may have to be removed prior to a building or construction project. We have the necessary tools and equipment to accomplish this task for you.

Our Services

Disaster Relief

Atlanta is not new to extreme weather conditions. When natural phenomenon takes a toll on your trees, we can help remove or save them. Rest assured, we’ll use techniques that minimize damages to your property.

Yard Clean Up

If you need help cleaning up tree debris from your yard, call us and we’ll get the job done. Relax and dedicate your free time to other important activities and leave this one to us.

Tree Installation and Establishment

Select the right trees and plant them the right way. Create your dream yard, filled with your favorite trees, with the help of our dedicated tree care professionals.

Tree Removal

If a tree needs to be removed, we’re fully-equipped to perform this for you. Our Certified Arborist can evaluate your tree and see whether removal is the best option to take.

Lot Clearing

Trees may have to be removed to give way to construction or development projects. Our Certified Arborist can also work with your contractor in reviewing site plans and preparing reports. We can also help you work on necessary permits.

Free Mulch

Let us know where you’re located and we’ll see if we can deliver free mulch for you to use.

Tree Trimming

Apart from improving their appearance, trimming is also necessary for keeping trees healthy. Trimming comes in several techniques and a tree care expert will know which one is most appropriate for your tree.

Tree Preservation

If you want to keep your sick trees or help your healthy trees live longer, North Star Tree Care Service can help you do so. Our Certified Arborist will check for the most appropriate intervention solution for your trees.

Ancillary Services

Apart from tree care services, we also provide related jobs, such as landscaping and installing hardscapes. Contact us for more information.

Reliable and Affordable Tree Services in Duluth GA

  • What should we do with our sick trees?
  • How much will a full tree removal cost?
  • Can our tree still be saved?

If you have questions like these listed above and feel you’re in need of tree services in Duluth GA, call us at North Star Tree Service. We’ll do our best to answer your tree care-related questions.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, as long as it’s about trees, we’re ready to help.

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