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Affordable Tree Removal

North Star Tree Service (NSTS) provides reliable tree removal services in the greater Atlanta area. Try as you might to preserve or nurture your trees, at times they can get in the way or even become dangerous. Whether you are taking on a construction project or simply need to remove a dead tree, NSTS has you covered!

Why North Star?

North Star Tree Service’s friendly expert arborists have the expertise and training necessary to address any issue with your trees, from repair to removal. We offer no cost consultations and estimates for any of your tree-related projects. Most importantly, we put the safety of the families and businesses we serve ahead of everything else.

Our goal is to handle your tree removal project as quickly and painlessly as possible. Clients tell us our superior customer satisfaction is the reason they choose us time and again – at North Star Tree Service we go above and beyond every time!


Where do We Offer Tree Services?

North Star Tree Service is proud to serve the following areas:

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