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Disaster Relief / Storm Damage

Atlanta is prone to extreme weather events (wind, ice, etc.). When storms strike, NSTS is there! We are experts at removing broken or downed trees, and our techniques minimize damage to structures or property as possible. We trim damaged trees to save them, or clean up debris that the storm has caused. We grind uprooted stump and root balls. Our estimators are insurance claims specialists, and will assist you with initiating or submitting all insurance claims regarding storm-related tree failure

Full Tree Removal

Like all living things, trees continually evolve and change. But during their lifetime, they can become dead or dying, hazardous, or in some other way evolve into “nuisance” trees. When this happens, they might need to be removed. Building, expansion, or remodeling plans might necessitate tree removal. NSTS arborists evaluate all of your trees and give you educated insight so that you can determine the best course of action. If a tree needs to come down, NSTS can do it at an affordable price with minimal collateral damage. Stump grinding and root grinding are additional services we offer, complimenting our tree removal services.

Tree Trimming

Did you know there are many different kinds of tree trimming? But no matter what technique is used, the truth is ALL trees require proper maintenance to be healthy and look their best. Regularly trimming trees both improves biological tree health and adds beauty to all of your existing trees. Periodic trimming assures you will avoid possible damage to structures or vehicles that can result from extreme weather events. NSTS arborists will evaluate all of your trees and make appropriate recommendations as to how trees might benefit from appropriate method and amount of trimming.

Yard Clean Up

NSTS can also remove or trim brush, branches, tree debris, or fallen trees to make natural areas safer and more visually appealing. An NSTS estimator will walk the visual perimeter of your property and give you appropriate recommendations to maximize visual appeal and safety.

Lot Clearing

Frequently, building or development projects require extensive tree removal. Call the experts! NSTS will skillfully execute jobs of all sizes. NSTS eases your load by helping execute the needed permits. When needed, an ISA Certified Arborist will review your site plan, make recommendations, and prepare an Arborist’s Report as part of a large removal project.

Tree Preservation

Trees that are in failing health can often have their life extended by many more years. An NSTS Certified Arborist evaluates declining trees and offer viable intervention solution. Options might include bark injections, nitrogen fertilizations, tree spraying, soil testing and amending, or other intervention options. NSTS experts are trained to perform all these intervention services in-house.

Tree Installation & Establishment

NSTS plants trees, too. Selecting the right trees can be a tricky proposition. So call an NSTS Arborist to walk your property with you, and then make recommendations to match the right trees to your site. NSTS can expertly install the trees you desire, and give you instructions to care for your trees for years to come.

Free Mulch

NSTS delivers mulch to homeowners in around the areas where we are working. Call with your location to see if we can deliver wood chips to you at no cost.

Ancillary Services

NSTS offers additional services besides tree care:

  • Landscaping (Grading, Sod, Retaining Walls, etc.)
  • Hardscape Installation
  • Concrete or Driveways
  • Where do We Offer Tree Services?

    North Star Tree Service is proud to serve the following areas:

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