[Infographic] 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Tree Service

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When is the best time to call for help from tree care professionals?

Trees lend beauty to our homes. They give us abundant shade, serve as attractive natural barriers for added privacy, and in some cases, provide us with fruits and flowers too. Grown properly, they can also help add value to our properties. But, in order for them to stay healthy and looking great for many years to come, they need our help.

Hiring a tree service company in Atlanta is a wise decision in ensuring your trees are given proper care and attention. Here are more reasons to consider working with tree professionals.

1. Getting professional advice on the best trees to grow.

Trees are not created equal. They have varying needs that need to be satisfied so they can thrive.

For instance, not all trees will flourish in shady areas. The same goes for spots in your yard that receive full sunlight. Fruit-bearing trees may become a nuisance once they mature if they’re located near sidewalks or pavements.

Certified arborists can inspect your yard and help you identify the best trees to plant. Depending on your landscape and purpose for growing trees, they can also recommend which trees are ideal for the long-term.

2.  Pruning or trimming trees the proper way.

Proper pruning of trees requires knowledge and expertise. There are many reasons for pruning a tree but the most common, and should always be a priority, is safety.

As trees grow and mature, they spread their branches. If their branches get too close to power lines or your roof or windows, they may need to be removed. If the tree is located near streets or pavements, branches that may be blocking visibility should be trimmed as well. Dead branches also need to be removed.

The reasons for pruning trees are as varied as the techniques that can be used for pruning. And tree care professionals will be able to determine the best approach to use for every situation.

3.  Removing trees safely.

Trees that are dying or unhealthy may pose safety risks. It’s best to have certified arborists inspect them to determine if they need to be removed as soon as possible.

Dead branches can fall anytime and cause injuries or damages to properties. Certified arborists can also identify the best method to use for tree removal to ensure everyone’s safety. Yes, you can save money if you’ll decide to cut trees on your own. However, this can be dangerous especially if you’re working on tall trees.

Apart from tree removal, another service you may need is stump grinding. Usually, after a tree is cut down, the stump is left behind. In some cases, this may work fine but if the stump becomes a nuisance, it’s best to have it removed too.

Stump grinding is done using a machine that should be operated by a trained crew. Chunks of wood are thrown at high speed so caution must be observed throughout the process.

4.  Gathering tree care tips.

Plants are best watered in the morning while the sun has not yet set fully. This way, the water is allowed to penetrate deep into the soil instead of evaporating too quickly.

Mulching is also recommended to lock in moisture around the tree roots. This should be done sparingly as over mulching can cause roots to rot.

With the help of tree care experts, you’ll also know which products or tree care methods are safe for use.

5.  Preparing land for construction or renovation projects.

If you’re planning to renovate your property or develop your land, certified arborists can help ensure that your trees are protected. They can also advise you whether specific trees will have to be removed to give way to the project.

Apart from that, they can work with your contractor in reviewing site plans. At North Star Tree Service, we also assist our clients in executing necessary permits.

Give your trees only expert care. For over 10 years, our team at NSTS has been handling tree projects for both residential and commercial properties across North Atlanta. Partner with our professional and friendly team members to get your tree project done right the first time.

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