[Infographic] How to Save Money When Getting Tree Care Services

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2017 is coming to a close and right now, you’re probably thinking about showing your trees some more love in the coming new year.

When considering getting tree care services in Atlanta, be sure to request multiple written quotes. A tree care company usually offers this for free and you can also request online.

Let’s talk about few tips on how you can save money when getting tree care services.

1. Let professionals handle your tree care needs.

Taking tree care jobs into your own hands sounds like a manageable challenge. However, if you’re unsure how to approach the job the right way, it’s best to seek assistance from a professional tree service company.

Every tree has unique needs. And not all tree problems are obvious. It takes a trained eye to evaluate the condition of your trees. Yes, you will have to pay for tree care services provided to you but what you get in return is confidence that your trees are properly cared for.

A tree job done the wrong way can only cause safety hazards and leave you spending more than the necessary.

2. Don’t wait until tree issues develop further.

If you feel something is wrong with your trees, don’t wait too long until you call a Certified Arborist in your area.

Trees that are weak or damaged may still be saved if you’ll immediately take action. Tree care issues are easier solved in its earlier stages. Your trees still won’t need complex treatments. And in turn, you won’t have to pay as high.

3. List down all tree care services you need.

You’re probably considering several tree care services from pruning, establishment, and installation, to removal.

Be specific about the jobs you’re looking at and advise the company early on. If possible, request the team to conduct a site visit so they can provide you with a closer estimate of your tree work costs.

4. Ask what’s included in the quote you’re given.

Clarify with the estimator what’s covered in the written quote. If you don’t see a job listed down, chances are it’s not included.

For instance, you want to know whether the yard clean up or pick up of debris from the project site is already included in the price. You and your contractor should be on the same page as to the services you’ll be provided.

5. Go to a local tree service company.

Hiring a local tree care company will not only allow you save on tree services. This will also make your tree project easier to manage.

Should you want to visit their office, they’re easily accessible. And if you want to look into a tree service company’s previous project sites, this is also feasible as they’re serving nearby communities.

Since necessary equipment and materials will not have to be transported from afar, risks of the project turn-around getting delayed are also lower.

Most importantly, you’re confident that the tree care professionals understand the specific needs of your trees. They’re familiar with local weather and soil conditions, along with other external factors that can impact the health of your trees.

6. Be sure you’re hiring a licensed and fully-insured team.

Just because a team says they’re experts doesn’t guarantee a stress-free tree project. See to it that the tree service company is fully licensed and insured.

Check with the local state if the company is duly registered so you can be sure you’re working with a team that means serious business.

Look past the price. Consider expertise and reliability above all. That way, you can avoid the need for costly repairs or rework.

And you can keep peace of mind knowing you’re working with a reputable tree care company that offers honest and fair pricing to their clients.

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