7 Tips for Choosing the Right Trees for Your Yard

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Trees can live from generation to generation provided they’re grown on the right site. So take your time choosing trees for your yard.

The right tree can be a great investment over the years. It will make your yard more inviting and your home’s overall landscape will be enhanced too.

To help you get started in choosing a tree for your yard in Atlanta GA, here’s a quick checklist.

1. Consider your reason for planting trees.

People have varying reasons for growing trees. By starting with your purpose, you’ll be able to trim down your choices and ensure you’re in the right direction.

You may be interested in growing a tree as you want your loved ones to enjoy a generous shade in the future. Or perhaps you want to grow your own fruit-bearing trees.

You may also be after trees that produce flowers. Or those that can be used as natural barriers for extra privacy.

2. Know lighting conditions in your yard.

Most plants will need full sunlight while some may do fine with only morning sun or shade. You’ll want to identify which plants suit particular planting spaces in your yard.

3. See about the available planting space.

Know the average height and spread upon maturity of trees you’re interested in. You’ll want to ensure there is enough space in your yard to accommodate these trees.

Be aware of underground utilities, electric lines, and proximity to streets. Your trees should as well be located around 10-15 feet away from the foundation of your home.

4. Decide between evergreen and deciduous trees.

If you want your trees to give color to your yard during the fall season, then you need to check out deciduous trees, such as trident maple and downy serviceberry.

On the other hand, you may prefer those trees known as evergreens that retain their green color year-round. These trees make great backdrops for ornamental grasses. They can also be used as winter windbreaks.

5. Learn about a tree’s growth speed.

You’ll want to have an idea about the time required for your trees to grow. If you want to see your trees in full bloom as soon as possible, then fast-growing trees may serve you best.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind waiting until you see your trees grow, then you can always go for slow-growing trees.

Note that faster-growing trees may require checking more often as they have the tendency to grow weak limbs or aggressive roots.

It’s best to let certified arborists in your area check your trees for necessary care and or treatments.

6. Avoid trees that are prone to diseases or are magnets to pests.

As much as possible, invest in trees that are not susceptible to diseases and won’t attract pests either. This will save you from maintenance worries and unnecessary costs.

7. Know the type of soil available.

There are trees that thrive in specific soil types. You’ll want to know if the available soil in your yard is, for example, clay, dry, or wet. Consider as well if the trees require frequent watering or are drought-tolerant.

If you need help establishing or growing your trees, call for a local tree care professional in Metro Atlanta. It’s best to hire certified arborists that are familiar with the soil and weather conditions in your area.

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