5 Tips to Keep Your Trees Healthy During Winter

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Just like your car and home, your trees also require ongoing care, especially during the winter season.

The frigid temperature can leave your trees frail and more susceptible to damages. But regardless how cold or rainy winters are in Metro Atlanta, it pays to ensure that your trees stay in good condition.

You’ll get to enjoy a healthy landscape and also prevent unnecessary expenses year-round. To help you get started, here are some basic winter care tips to take note of

1. Consider pruning.

Pruning during the dormant season is ideal so your trees will have time to recover before they get active again. There are types of pruning that are best performed during the winter, such as structural pruning for younger trees.

During this process, weak, damaged, or poorly attached limbs are removed. This prevents small tree issues from magnifying. Also, a tree’s structural integrity is improved, reducing the risk of falling or broken limbs should heavy winds approach.

2. Ask professionals about cabling or bracing trees.

Another way you can protect your trees during the winter season is through cabling or bracing.

But with proper pruning done regularly, these two processes may no longer be necessary. However, they may still be required in case pruning is no longer enough to help your trees maintain a healthy and steady body.

Cabling and bracing help your trees withstand winds and ice. During cabling, steel support cables are used to reinforce the upper tree canopy. Bracing, on the other hand, involves installing rods on tree trunks to limit movement.

A certified arborist or professional tree care company in Atlanta, GA will be able to determine whether your trees require any of these two procedures.

3. Keep your trees hydrated.

Give your plants enough water before the ground gets frozen. Absorbing water will be more challenging for them at this time so you’ll want to prepare your trees.

4. Apply mulch.

Mulching does a lot more than helping your trees look more visually-pleasing. This method helps regulate soil temperature and slows down moisture loss, giving your trees more time to absorb water.

Be sure to apply mulch at least 3 inches away from the tree trunk to prevent drawing animal intruders. Mulching will also help reduce risks of erosion and ensure your trees stay healthy throughout the year.

5. Check for pest damage.

During the winter season, your trees may be more vulnerable to pest damage. Rodents are likely to search for food and warm places to stay in. Chances are they’ll be gnawing on tree barks. To keep them away, use mulching as your tree defense.

But be sure to check the tree trunk regularly. Should you notice pest damage on your trees, call in a professional tree service provider to perform further inspection and necessary treatments.

Getting Winter Tree Care Services in Atlanta, GA

Just because leaves have already come off from your trees doesn’t mean they no longer need your attention. Guard your trees during the long, winter months with the help of these tree care tips above.

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