5 Reasons Your Trees Need That Health Check

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When you think that your trees are healthy enough and opt not to do a health check, you better think again.

Even if you feel that there’s nothing off with your trees and there are no signs of discolored leaves or a brittle bark, you should regularly monitor the condition of your trees and consult a certified arborist in your area to better examine your trees.

Still not convinced? Here are five compelling reasons why your trees need that health check:

1. To Extend Life
You can help your trees live longer by checking its root system, especially during the first two years. It is in this period where trees are trying to get their roots established in the soil. That’s why it is important to water your trees thoroughly and frequently.

Or if your trees seem to be already in failing health, don’t give up! Let an arborist evaluate and inspect them. They’ll provide intervention solutions, such as soil testing, bark injections, and tree spraying to save the life of your trees.

2. To Identify Tree Problems Early
If you get your trees a regular health check, you’ll be more aware of its condition and be able to detect early signs of tree problems, including pest infestation, soil compaction, and girdling roots. By identifying such, you can prevent these problems from happening and keep your trees in good shape.

It would even be more effective if you’ll work with a tree care provider who can identify minor and major tree problems and offer solutions before your trees get weaker.

3. To Save Time and Money
One of the most common reasons why tree owners do not perform a tree health check is because they can’t squeeze it into their busy schedule. The truth is that doing a health check could actually save them time and money.

The sooner a tree problem gets identified and solved, the less time is required from them. Also, it is going to be less expensive since a bigger damage is prevented.

With this approach, you can also spare yourself from stress and inconvenience.

4. To Ensure Safety
As a tree owner, you must identify potential tree hazards in your yard and take immediate actions to eliminate them. And one of the simplest ways to do it is by conducting a health check. Do you notice any cracks or splits in the trunks? Or are there detached branches?

Hazards also include overhanging branches, falling leaves, broken roots, cavities in the trunk, and dead branches. And if you have spotted any of these, be sure to report these to a tree care professional. He will be able to advise how to deal with these issues and ensure everyone’s safety.

5. To Prevent Liability
As a tree owner, you are responsible for every action you do – whether you perform a health check or not.

The responsibility likewise extends to the people around you especially if you’ve been negligent in taking care of your trees. And it’s you who are to be liable if your trees have damaged properties or injured people. Of course, you don’t want this to happen. Hence, a proactive approach to tree care is a must to protect you against liability issues.

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