5 Reasons Pruning and Trimming are Crucial for Your Trees

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Proper tree maintenance is, unfortunately, often overlooked.

There are more benefits to trimming and pruning trees apart from making your landscape presentable. Safety is first on the list.

Weak and dead tree branches may fall off anytime, causing injuries to people or damage to properties. But since working at height can be very dangerous, it’s best to leave the job to a professional tree care company.

What’s the Difference Between Trimming and Pruning

Trimming is usually applied to hedges, small plants, or overgrown bushes. It’s a process wherein overgrown plants are cut back. This is to ensure they receive adequate sunlight exposure, give them form, and make them look visually-pleasing.

Pruning, on the other hand, is done to remove infected, loose, or dead limbs. Trimming and pruning require a different set of equipment. There are also various trimming and pruning methods.

Certified arborists and tree care experts will be able to determine which approach suits your trees best.

Benefits of Regular Trimming and Pruning

  1. Provide protection. This is the number one reason you need to hire professionals to prune your trees. Weak, diseased, and dead branches are vulnerable and may fall anytime, especially during a severe storm. But even when the weather conditions are good, these branches may still fall very easily, presenting a major safety hazard. Branches can also spread near your roof, electric lines, or over sidewalks and streets. When not cut immediately, they can damage your home or block visibility on streets. If you have climbing plants, they have to be trimmed regularly to ensure they won’t damage your home’s structure.
  2. Treat and prevent diseases from spreading. Like human beings, trees can acquire diseases too. They can get weak over time and one way to help them get better is through pruning. Infected branches are removed to prevent the disease from spreading.
  3. Encourage proper tree growth. Your trees will be able to withstand extreme weather conditions better with regular pruning. proper pruning techniques help improve the strength and health of your trees. Their roots become stronger, allowing them to hold up better despite harsh winds. Young plants also benefit from pruning as it helps encourage healthy development. Chances are they will require less pruning as they mature.
  4. Manage pests and insects. Regular pruning and trimming can also help control insects and pests. This benefits not just your trees, but your entire property as well. Insects can thrive in trees and cause diseases. When your trees catch diseases, weak branches are more likely to increase in number. And if your trees are located too close to home, insects may also find their way to your home.
  5. Enhance the appearance of your yard. Like a haircut, pruning gives your trees a fresh look. In turn, they lend beauty to your landscape. If your property is located near natural structures, such as lakes, pruning can also enhance the view you can enjoy from your home or yard.

Getting Professional Tree Care Services in Metro Atlanta, GA

Pruning or trimming may do trees more harm than good when not done properly.

Professional tree service companies can help ensure that your trees receive the care they need safely and correctly. A certified arborist can inspect your landscape and recommend treatments or specific care for your trees.

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