4 Questions to Ask Your Tree Care Company

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Trees that grow in the wild or in their natural habitat won’t need human intervention to thrive. However, if you grow them on your property, they will need your care and attention to stay healthy for the long-term.

Trees that are poorly maintained can become prone to illness and may also pose a safety threat to your home and neighboring properties. Some tree care jobs are manageable, but there are also those that are best left to professional tree service companies.

Evaluating the condition of your trees, for instance, requires professional know-how. Only certified arborists and experienced tree care professionals will be able to provide a thorough assessment of your trees.

In addition, working at height is risky without proper training and equipment. Hiring a tree care company helps ensure everyone’s safety. But of course, you need to be cautious which company you’re trusting.

Ask them these questions and be sure that you’re hiring a team that understands your needs and goals.

1. Is your company insured and licensed?

Find a tree service company in North Atlanta that not only knows how to address your tree care concerns but is also licensed to operate and fully insured. You want an assurance that you will not be liable for any damage, injury, or accident that may take place throughout the project phase.

A full-service tree company should have and maintain insurance enough to cover all jobs they render. It’s also not enough that they have a working trailer and the latest equipment. They should be duly registered should you check with local government agencies.

Add to that, see to it that the team does not send day labor staff or subcontractors to your home, instead give you an assurance that everyone you meet all work with them.

2. What are your credentials?

Trees will have unique needs. Proper tree care requires knowledge of the local tree care industry. Hence, it’s best to hire professionals that are experienced in performing residential tree work in your area.

The team should also have full-time ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified Arborists onboard. The rest of the staff, especially those that will be reporting on site should all have a solid background on all tree projects possible.

Whether it’s tree installation, trimming, cutting, or removal, the team should be ready to handle the job for you.

3. How will you approach the job?

Set your expectations. Ask the tree care staff how they will approach the job on hand.

What are the procedures that they will follow? What are tests or evaluations that they need to perform? Which equipment will they need on site? Will they be able to take care of the cleanup after getting the job done?

Consider taking a before photo of the project area for reference in case anything goes wrong. Be sure you’re on the same page with the team as to the services that are included in your contract, including the project timeline.

This is why it pays to request a quote from various companies before hiring. You’ll be able to see any red flags ahead of time.

4. Can you provide references?

A tree care company that takes pride in their work will be happy to share references with you. Over the years of providing tree care services to their clients, chances are they have already built a reputation for the work they do.

Request for recent testimonials from their happy customers. If you know people that have hired a team, take time to ask them about their experience.

You’ll feel confident you’re going to the right guys if the majority or many of their clients only have positive things to say about them and their service.

You want to protect not just your trees, but your property and your loved ones as well. Before hiring a tree care company, evaluate their responses to these questions.

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