10 Signs You Need Professional Tree Removal Services

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Trees are a sight to behold. But as with any living thing, they grow old and get weak. Add to that, exposure to harsh elements such as severe storm and heavy gusts of winds can also affect their health.

When trees are nearing the end of their natural lifespan, they can be a threat to your loved ones, home, and the community.

It’s hard to tell from an untrained eye if a tree, mature or not, requires removal services. It’s best to call the experts in so they can assess the condition of your trees.

There are signs, though, that tell when it’s time to contact a tree service company. That’s what we’re sharing with you in this post. Let’s get started.

1. Dead.

Are your trees no longer blooming? Do they look decayed for some time already? Should you have a tree on your property that is clearly dead, then don’t delay calling for tree removal services. The longer the dead tree lingers in your yard, the more unsafe it is for you, your loved ones, and your home.

2. Damaged.

Trees are sturdy. They can endure exposure to storms but only to a certain extent. If you notice that your trees have been badly hit after a storm, chances are it’s time to have them removed. Of course, only a certified arborist or tree experts can validate the health condition of your trees. But if chances are slim that a tree will be able to recover fully after being damaged, it will only be more dangerous to keep them.

3. Leaning.

There are trees that lean naturally. And it’s true that leaning trees can also add beauty to your landscape. But when the leaning occurs after a storm or is new to you, that is a different story. This can mean that your tree has been severely affected and is in danger of falling at any time. A certified arborist can inspect your trees to ensure it doesn’t pose any harm to you and your property.

4. Sick.

This telltale sign can be tricky as a tree can look normal outside but damaged inside. There are also instances when a sick tree doesn’t look bothering at all. It may be tempting to ignore the issue since there seems to be no imminent threat. However, for your safety and convenience, have your trees checked as soon as possible. Tree diseases, if not treated, may get passed on to healthy trees, which can only result to further inconveniences.

5. Presence of longitudinal cracks.

Do your trees have cracks? If the cracks are longitudinal or are located between two opposite branches, this can pose a threat should severe winds or a heavy storm pass by. It will be hard for these trees to withstand the extreme pressure in the environment. So as a safety measure, they may have to be removed.

6. Decaying roots.

One possible reason a tree is leaning is root damage. Dead branches are another sign the roots of the tree are damaged. When the roots are decayed or damage, this can cause the tree to rot or die. Before the severe leaning or dead branches cause you further problems, it’s best to make a move and call a tree service company in Atlanta GA.

7. Cavities on trunks.

Holes forming on the trunk of your trees are a sign that they may no longer be as structurally sound as before. Cavities may mean that a tree is decaying or that it’s insect-infested. If there are fungi or mushrooms on your trees, this can also be a sign they’re sick. A tree specialist can visit you and properly diagnose your trees.

8. Intertwined branches.

Another sign it’s time to call for tree service professionals is when you see tree branches that are rubbing together or getting intertwined. This can make your tree more susceptible to diseases and infections. Tree care specialists can determine whether a removal is necessary or other steps can be taken to save your tree.

9. Proximity to your home.

Is your tree already growing too close to your home? Do you notice leaves and branches on your roof? Do you feel that the branches may have to be trimmed or pruned? Tree removal service companies can recommend the best solution for your tree concerns. They’ll be able to tell whether a removal is necessary or not.

10. Proximity to pedestrians.

Large trees that are near sidewalks and whose branches are already extending near power lines or over streets may have to be removed. This will prevent any inconveniences such as injuries, damages to properties, and power outages.

Getting Professional Tree Removal Services in Gwinnett & Dekalb County

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